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Experience excellence in service when you visit us!
We offer a wide variety of top quality services to fit your needs. Our experienced staff will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional nails spa. Our location is designed to make your experience enjoyable and leave you feeling inspired! Check out our complete service menu below to get a feel for what we do. Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Appointment Policy:
Please call (209)577-1077 or email contactus@tammynail.com for our appointment policies.
Nail Services
Exceptional services to invigorate and restore the health and beauty of your nails.
Relax and enjoy a refreshing manicure service to give your fingernails a professional, clean and tidy look. We will trim and shape your nails and apply a top-quality professional nail lacquer or polish in your choice of rich colors and glazes.

Regular Manicure
$15 & up

Permanent French Manicure
$18 & up
Pedicure services are designed to rejuvenate and beautify your feet. Experience the pleasure of a spa pedicure as we trim and shape your nails and cuticles, as well as addressing hangnails and blemishes. Finish with lacquer or polish of your choice to enhance and protect your nails.

Regular Pedicure
$23 & up

French Pedicure
$26 & up
A better solution for improving natural nails. 14-day wear, zero dry time, mirror finish, flawless high gloss shine, no chipping, no fill-ins, thin, strength and flexible.

$25 & up
Relax and enjoy a refreshing manicure service to give your fingernails a professional, clean and tidy look. We will trim and shape your nails and apply a top-quality professional nail lacquer or polish in your choice of rich colors and glazes.

Regular Manicure
$15 & up

Permanent French Manicure
$18 & up
Artificial Nails

Artificial nail services will provide you with strong artificial nails which are carefully and skillfully applied to ensure proper fit, alignment and a natural look.

$30 & up

$35 & up

$35 & up

$35 & up


$35 & up



$20 & up

$27 & up

$27 & up

$27 & up


$25 & up




Nail Polish
Nail polish service includes the removal of your old color and application of a new professional quality polish from our collection of color choices.

Polish Change

French Polish Change
Nail Repair and Sculpting
Your hands tend to take a lot of abuse, and it´s not uncommon for a beautiful professional manicure to be ruined by a broken nail or accidental blemish or scratch. Nail repair services are designed to repair and restore your nails after breakage or accidental abuse.

Repairs / 1 nail
Hair Removal
Hair removal using the latest products and techniques.
Waxing Hair Removal

Professional waxing services are a great way to remove unwanted hair growth on any part of your body. Waxing services will leave your skin smooth and supple for weeks or longer depending on the body part, and the hair will generally grow back lighter and softer than if you were to shave. Our licensed estheticians will provide safe, professional results in a private setting.

Facial Waxing
Full Face $40 & up
Eyebrows $12 & up
Upper Lip $10.00
Chin $10.00
Sideburns $15 & up

Body Waxing
Full Legs $50 & up
Half Legs $35 & up
Bikini $35 & up
Brazilian $60 & up
Full Arms $40 & up
Half Arms $30 & up
Underarms $20 & up
Full Back $45 & up
Tummy $40 & up
Chest $40 & up


Experience our professional facial products and services.
Sothys Face and body treatments
Please call for special pricing
Experience our Sothys products.Like our sister spa in Paris.We offer more than 12 Sothys signature face and body treatments, including our exclusive intensive treatments with Digi-Esthetique massage methods to our full concierge and express services.
Signature European Facial
This introductory facial suited for all skin types is designed to maintain a healthy,clear complexion.A customized selection of Sothys products addresses the current needs of your skin. Thorough cleansing followed by the application of an ampoule and treatment mask refresh the skin while a relaxing facial massage helps alleviate stress ans provides a sense of wellness.
Express Facial
For those on the go! This facial includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, followed by a relaxing massage of the face and shoulders. Finally, a treatment mask that will leave you and your skin feeling refreshed and relaxed
30 min $45
Men Essential 

Created to answer the needs of a man's skin; This energizing deep cleansing treatment combines volcanic rock to detoxify the skin and hyaluronic acid to replenish.An Exclusive and tailor made solution for men featuring a scalp, face, neck and shoulder message To induce immediate relaxation 



Resurfacing peeling facial

A detoxifying and oxygenating treatment to refine  your skin texture and restore a beauty glow. A powerful and effective double exfoliation using semi precious Ruby and Sapphire Crystal  along with a Glycolic and Salicylic  Peel complemented by the oxygenating mask to unveil a smoother, softer and brighter complexion.



Hydroptimale THI3 Treatment
* To auto-regulate the water flow & maintain the water reservoir in the skin
* To balance the water movements in & out of the cells
* To diffuse continuously, an innovative hydrating active for long-lasting result
* 26% increase in hydration in first session
* 76% improvement after 4 sessions
75 min $100

Correcting Treatment
* To normalize oil secretion
* Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory action, dry & heal blemishes, absorb impurities, lighen a full complexion
60 min $75
Aromatic Back Facial Male/Females
Detoxifying, deep cleansing, radiance giving, smoothing, pore minimizing and relaxing
60 min $95
"W" Lightening Institute Treatment for Face and Hands
For male and female a 5 step treatment for a double whitening effect global and dark spot corrector. Hand care is integrated in the treatment procedure to help diminish dark spots on the hands
60 min $100
Professional Peeling
Surface exfoliation to deep cleanse the skin, smooth the skin's texture, increase cell renewal diminish fine lines and wrinkles improve the condition of an oil skin
30 min $30
Eyelash Extension

Semi Eyelash Extension
Full  Semi Eyelash Extension
$120 & up

Fill Semi Eyelash Extension
$40 & up

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